Commercial Line

0998 Uragano Compact

uragano compact quick mill

-7 Lt. copper boiler with transversal exchanger Dia.50 mm  and 4 position valve to regulate the thermosiphonic circulation temperature
– Water mains connection with 3/8 G connection nipple;
– 4 selection keyboard (1 espresso, 2 espressos, 1 long espresso, 2 long espressos,);
-Visual indicators: Machine ON, boiler, minimum water level – heating element ON)
– E61 group head

58mm portfilter made in brass

solenoid valves with ruby seal Parker;
– Positive-displacement pump with externally adjustable by-pass;
– Dual scale pressure gauge (pump and boiler pressure);
– Stainless steel steam nozzle;
– less steel Hot water nozzle;
– Hot water dosage controlled by flowmeter
– Drain boiler faucet;
– Automatic boiler water level restore ;
– Sirai pressure switch;
– Safety thermostat with external reset;

Gicar electronic main board
– certified safety valve;
– expansions valve connected to the drain tray
– AISI 304 BA body;
– Frame in stainless steel 403;
– By demand 12lts. boiler with external pump, 3000 or 4500 Watts heater

New Line QM 45



Hot water economizer + temperature regulator

Auto steam System

Pid settable by keyboard

Eletronic display

Boiler safety thermostat easily accessible

Vacuum valve easy and economic maintenance

Certified and calibrated safety valve

Steam faucet easy and economic maintenance

eletric wires with high temperature sheath varpren

Machine body in stainless stell ISI 430

Panels and tray in stainless stell ISI 304

5.5/12/19 liters water boiler made in copper

internal pipes made in copper

Gicar electronics components equipped

Fluid-o-tech volumetric pump with bypass

R-P-M eletric motor pump

Parker valve

Sirai commercial pressurestat

2,00/4,500/6,000 Watt heater power

E61 Type head group

Thermosiphonic regulation 4 position each group

50mm heat exchanger

Steam wand and water wand made in stainless steel, not plated chrome

Built-in double cup tray suitable for espresso and tall cups

Double scale pressure gauge

Low water level light allarm

5 body colour: red, black, silver, white. More colours avilable